Mars OG Dank Vapes



Mars OG Dank Vapes
Buy Dank Vapes – Mars OG Cartridges is a cannabis strain that’s indica. Moreover, producing buds that emit a pungent pine-like smell with undertones of freshly churned earth and grapes. This strain is the result of crossing the genetics from the two indicas Mars and OG, thus its name, Buy Dank Vapes – Mars OG Cartridges .

Simultaneously, this strain will improve mood drastically, alleviating racing thoughts and worries. This mental state will make it easy to notice the physical effects. That of complete relaxation as tension dissipates in the form a warm, tingly sensation throughout the body. Appetite will also increase, so prepare for the muchies.
Negative side-effects include paranoia, dizziness, and especially headache when consuming improperly according to tolerance levels. Some reviewers note this strain will definitely cause short-term memory loss

EFFECTS: Dank Vapes – Mars OG is a fitting name for this medium-strength, indica-based. OG phenotype, known for it’s “spacey” effects. On the first pull I feel an immediate sense of calm and relaxation. Followed by a head-trip that feels like a day-dream.
Dank Vapes – Mars OG provides an old-school style high. This affects both the body and the mind equally in a way that reminds me of Haze.(another Bay-Area strain that originated in Santa Cruz in the 60’s). Also, other classic “heady highs” from my adolescence. Strains that usually induced couch lock and blood-shot eyes. Reviews online suggest that Dank Vapes – Mars OG can make you lazy. Too, disorganize but I found the high to be mild.
Believed to be the result of a Fire OG cross, Mars OG – Dankvapes – Dank originates from the Bay Area as a member of the “Planetary Strains”–a series of OG crosses named after the planets marked by a style of growing where plants start indoors and finish outdoors. The outdoor influence on this strain comes across in the taste and the nose, it has an earthy aroma that delivers smoothly with low expansion (you’re not going to injure your throat coughing after a big toke).

To fully understand Mars OG – Dankvapes – Dank you have to get familiar with Fire OG, a classic OG phenotype believed to be one of the strongest and the main influence in the a dominant OG is known for it’s classic Kush like symptoms: intense euphoria that gradually leads to a giant appetite and comatose sleep. Mars OG is like Fire OG’s step-brother that lives in NorCal.
Overall, I like this strain a lot! It provides a distinct high that can be useful at certain times of the day (IE: after work, before bed, early morning, etc) but it doesn’t knock you out completely.
It smokes like a very well produced outdoor strain that reminds me of the “greenhouse”(cannabis grown with natural and artificial light, indoors) that we see in Southern California. Dank Vapes – Mars OG is a strain that perfectly encapsulates the geography and ethos of Northern California.


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